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Chair Microsystems

The Chair Microsystem is part of Faculty of Mechanical Enigneering of the University of Stuttgart and deals with microscale and nanoscale technologies.

The Chair Microsystems (mst) is part of the Faculty 7 - Design, Production and Automotive Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) within the framework of the University of Stuttgart. Within the scope of mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, the Chair is concerned with the technologies of nano- and microsystem technology.


In addition to the basic principles of microsystem technology and the technologies and process sequences for the production of micro- and nanosystem technology components, the students are taught the functions of various sensors and actuators. In addition, the chair deals with microfluidics: Here, flow phenomena in microstructures are considered.


The Chair Microsystems is also very versatile in the field of research. In the area of sensors, nanoscale acceleration sensors are investigated as well as in the area of microfluidics drop analysis and dosing systems as well as biosensors for lab-on-a-chip systems are considered. Another focus of the researches is on the miniaturization of printed circuit boards. Further information can be found in the Research section.


Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Hermann Sandmaier


Joachim Sägebarth

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